Technology cannot replace the skill our golf professionals bring to each and every lesson but the right technology can definitely enhance the customer experience as well as increase the speed of learning that takes place.

Our bespoke golf teaching bays are adorned with some of the best teaching aids available in any golf studio in London. Including the very latest GCQuad Launch Monitor with slow-motion video analysis, swing speed, and ball flight characteristics; all used to enable each student to visualise each and every shot without worrying about the affects of a crosswind will have on the ball flight.

You can take a look at facilities by using the Google View on the right of this page and see more details on the technology which will benefit your swing on the page below.

GCQuad Launch Monitor

We are very pleased to announce the arrival of the NEW Foresight GCQuad Launch Monitor. This is the updated version of the hugely successful and accurate GC2 Launch Monitor.

This latest version is simply stunning – in both design and features. The new GCQuad has four cameras to enable the system to expand the ball capture area by up to 6x of its predecessor. Enabling you and our professionals to see: –

  • Carry distance
  • Clubhead speed
  • Angle of attack
  • Club path
  • Ball speed
  • Side and forward spin
  • Ball launch angle

We all know that technology cannot replace the skills of our team of professionals – what the best technology does is to enable your teaching professional (and you) to see the most accurate information available and teach accordingly.

You see the results on the screen which will highlight how far your game has progressed and how the changes being made are making a positive difference to your game.

The fact that so many professionals, including Bryson DeChambeaue, the golfer who analyses EVERYTHING – use the GCQuad Launch Monitor highlight just how good this technology really is.

As Used By

Bryson DeChambeau, Lee Westwood, Ian Poulter, Rory McIlroy, Graeme McDowell, Robert Rock, Philip Price, Phil Mickleson, Rickie Fowler


SkyTrak is designed with the golf consumer in mind. As a personal launch monitor, SkyTrak enables you to have your own practice range, hit at simulated targets, play challenges, participate in games and enjoy your practice time much more than ever before.

The most important difference in SkyTrak is its revolutionary technology to provide the accuracy and reliability of a commercial quality system, at a fraction of the price.

GASP Software

The GASP Sports Analysis Video Software provides golfers the opportunity to analyse their movement as never before. The Golf Swing Analysis Software has over 10,0000 customers worldwide from student users, professional coaches, high end studios and going Academies.

DB Golf Academy has chosen the GASP Software as it provides a fantastic solution because the software are not just regular video but high speed video, integrated 3D motion analysis, force platform data, ball flight data and club data along with the ability to communicate with students via the internet.

The internet is playing a larger role in a coaches life these day and communication is vital for any coach/pupil relationship and with our expertise over many years we can develop the perfect solution to improve our students experience and performance.

GASP also has a bespoke App* enabling you to see you teaching on your iPhone or iPad – in fact you can take your swing video to the range or even to the course.

*Please note that this is an additional cost.