With the choice of London golf teaching companies expanding by the day isn’t comforting knowing that here, at DB Golf Academy, we have been around longer than almost all of the rest put together. Our experienced coaches will take your game and help you become the very best golfer you can be.

We won’t rip your swing apart so that you end up dreading your Sunday morning roll-up. We will patiently work on each element of your golf swing that needs fine-tuning and help you make the changes needed. You, and your fellow golfers, will quickly see how your game has improved, how you are more consistent with every golf shot and how rare the bad shots have become.

Your handicap will also see the difference as you start to see the results that bring your handicap down. Golf has been around for a long time (some say the 14th Century!) so choose a team to help improve your game who have the experience and the expertise to make a positive impact on your Sunday roll-up or next corporate golf day.

  • The latest technology to see your shot distance, speed, and spin
  • Instant online availability and confirmation
  • Over 40 years of successful golf tuition/coaching
  • Use our Callaway clubs – individually set for your swing
  • Purpose-built golf teaching bays in the heart of the City of London
  • Online video coaching support

With over forty years of experience in providing golf lessons in the City of London, the DB Golf Academy, is the place to learn and/or improve your golf game. Our pricing structure enables you to buy a lesson at a time or save money and buy a set package.

You can see availability and get instant confirmation by booking online. But we’re here to help so if you are unsure of the next step to take then give us a call or drop us an email.

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What we offer


The future is here

Our intelligent use of technology helps you and our golf professionals truly see how your game is improving under our teaching. You will see ball speed, clubhead speed, and, of course, the distance the ball travels.

We have recently added the Foresight GCQuad Launch Monitor to our ‘kit bag’ – this is the latest technology available and in addition to all of the elements mentioned above provides a huge amount of insight into swing path, clubhead angle of attack, and even smash attack statistics!

Book now to see this amazing piece of kit being utilised in your golf lesson – you will get instant confirmation of the booking and remember we even supply the latest Apex 21 Callaway golf clubs.


What people say about us

This is the best golf facility in London by a margin. Staff are extremely helpful for both high and low handicappers. Technology is state of the art and the instructors are super friendly. Overall a fantastic experience and could not recommend more.

Will A

Great set up in the heart of the city. I was a complete novice when attending for my first lesson and Rob has been consistently patient during each lesson and getting me on to the course holding my own. Would highly recommend them.

Ben Warren

David is a brilliant coach. He has really helped me with my swing, whilst also not deviating too far from what is natural to me. He has also transformed my girlfriend’s game too. The studio is in a very convenient location, and the recorded videos that you receive after each session help with understanding of the improvements required and act as a useful refresher between lessons. Highly recommended!

Ned Fox