When you started your career you were given training, an induction and maybe had a mentor to shadow – all designed to ensure that you do your job to the best of your ability and you learn the best and the right way to do things.

Golf is no different, instead of accepting the guidance and help from a friend on the range let us help you start off with the right advice. Our golf lessons will help you understand the mechanics of the golf swing, the grip and with the use of great golfing technology you will see your golf swing improve with just a few lessons.

Our golf professionals will help you understand what makes a great golf swing, help you eradicate any bad practices and enable you to look forward to your next round of golf with the knowledge that you have the swing and the know how to make the adjustments needed to significantly reduce the amount of shots that you take.

When the next corporate invite lands on your desk, the time spent with at the David Bailey Golf Academy will be evident to your colleagues and customers as you launch your ball from the first tee down the centre of the fairway.

Your Lesson Options

How We Help If You Are New To Golf

Our London golf teaching studios are conveniently located in between Bank and Cannon St stations. Using our extensive experience, coupled with the excellent technology we have within our facilities, your golf game will improve significantly and as we video elements of every lesson you will see these changes.

The added benefit of the Gasp video technology is that it provides you with an aide memoir that you can view on your smartphone*, desktop or tablet before you go back out on the course. Our technology backed golf teaching also lets you view your favourite golfer’s swing and place it next to your own video.

Whilst you are hitting the ball at a blank screen our technology will instantly show you how far you are hitting the ball, the variance from the centre of the fairway, back spin, launch angle and side spin. As your game improves you will see just how different these figures are since you started out at the David Bailey Golf Academy.

*App purchase/download required.

What You Will Enjoy

  • Use of our unique teaching facilities
  • Professional teaching approach
  • Flexible teaching hours
  • Video analysis
  • Ball speed and distance
  • Review your swing afterwards
  • Structured teaching programme
  • An enjoyable environment

Want To Break 100 Lesson Options

We offer different lesson packages, from one lesson at a time (Individual) to complete golf packages that will take you from our London golf teaching facilities to the golf course, including a full teaching lesson on a golf course and use of our practise facilities.

You can select and book online, email us here or complete the Contact Us form and we will be in touch within 24 hours.