As a keen golfer you will know that it is inconsistency that is hurting your scorecard be that from the tee, your long irons, short game or it could be even suffering from the dreaded yips. Our golf teaching professionals will work with you to eradicate those poor shots that leave you struggling for par.

We will look at what is working and show you what is causing the poor shots and highlight what you need to do to remove those inconsistent golf shots and give you a scorecard without a six on!

Our experienced golf professionals will use the latest video technology to show you, in real time, what is happening in your swing plane and we video this from behind as well as from the side profile.

Book a Swing Evaluation or an Individual Golf Lesson and let us help you get the best from your golf game.

Your Lesson Options

How We Help If You Are New To Golf

Golf lessons at our City of London indoor teaching facilities will help you achieve the best out of your swing, removing the poor shots and enhancing the best ones.

In addition to using the very latest swing analysis technology that will show accurate ball distance, ball speed and spin details the slo-mo video that is taken from two perspectives will enable you and our teaching professional to quickly assess the variants of your swing which are causing the problems you have been experiencing on the golf course.

And as decent golfer you will appreciate that by practising indoors the only affecting the ball flight is your connection with the ball. Not wind speed or temperature and certainly not those dreadful rubber balls seen in many outdoor practice bays. We use professional golf balls to make certain that the experience is a good as it can possibly be.

What You Will Enjoy

  • State of the art technology
  • An App to take your lesson with you
  • Accurate ball flight monitor
  • Video recording of every lesson
  • Access to practice facilities
  • Instant analysis of ball distance and spin rate
  • Real time information on swing speed

Want To Break 80 Lesson Options

We offer different lesson packages, from one lesson at a time (Individual) to complete golf packages that will take you from our London golf teaching facilities to the golf course, including a full teaching lesson on a golf course and use of our practise facilities.

You can select and book online, email us here or complete the Contact Us form and we will be in touch within 24 hours.