With our golf teaching bays based in the centre of the City of London, we focus on building consistency with every club in the bag and not about the distance you hit the ball.

Our golf lessons for female golfers focus on eradicating the inconsistencies that cause problems for your scorecard. Our experienced professionals will use our video analysis to show you what areas of your setup, grip, or posture that we will work on to see you playing from the centre of the fairway with each and every shot.

Having the confidence to pick any club and know how far it will carry and exactly what direction it will go will provide you with the conviction to attack every or green and enjoy the result of a well-struck ball heading to the target. Our approach is to take steps to make sure that your game is not ‘destroyed’ by lessons but built by lessons. After each session your game will improve, your swing path will be better and your ball striking will be consistent.

We will create practice drills that will ensure that your golf game changes for the better in just a few short lessons. Our professional approach will help you realise your game’s full potential.

Give us a call, drop us an email or book a lesson below and let’s get your golf game sorted.

Your Lesson Options

Golf Lessons For Female Golfers

Taking your first steps inside our purpose built golf teaching bays in the City of London you will quickly appreciate that our professional approach, coupled with the latest technology will enable you to become a better golfer in no-time whatsoever.

You actual golf shot may only hit a screen 30ft in front of you but our technology will track that ball and show you how far and how accurate the ball would have have been on a golf course. Of course the benefits of a heated and air conditioned teaching bay are obvious for your own comfort however another great benefit from having your golf lessons indoors is that you ball flight is not going to affected by wind or temperature variations.

What You Will Enjoy

  • One to one teaching
  • Bespoke teaching methods for you
  • First class teaching bays
  • Latest video technology
  • Instant stats on every ball strike
  • Access to DB Golf Academy practice facilities

Suggested Lessons For You

In addition to Individual Golf Lessons we have also created a number of specific golf lesson packages to help you decide what suits your needs take a read though, book a Swing Evaluation Lesson or send us an email here.