Golf is a great social game, one of the few occasions where you can spend four hours with a boss, friend or customer. Enabling you to build much stronger relationships than you can in a normal business environment.

However you recognise that your game isn’t as good as you want it to be and you are hesitant every time you get an invite to play as you want to make certain that you are able to play well.

At David Bailey Golf Academy we see many, many customers who receive the phone call or email inviting them to a great corporate day and yet do not want to accept as they don’t feel their golf game is good enough.

We can help. Start with a Golf Swing Evaluation lesson and let us see what you have. We will give you an honest overview of your game and explain to you where your game can get to before your next golf day invite.

We will highlight your strengths and show you the areas that we will need to focus on to get the bad practises removed from your game. A few hours with one of our teaching professionals and your game will be so much stronger and you can look forward to the 1st tee.

Your Lesson Options

What A Lesson Will Do For You

As a golfer you will appreciate that every swing is different. Our job will be to look at yours and assess the path we will take to give you the golf swing you will be proud of. Our golf professionals will video you and review your swing with you explaining and demonstrating to you what steps you need to take and the best practise drills to sharpen your swing and make your game the envy of the office.

We promise that our golf teaching will evolve your swing and will not just tear it apart to re-build it again. Our professional golf coaches appreciate the best teaching comes from helping you make the right changes and ensuring that each change is mastered before moving on to take you through the next change/improvement.

How We Will Improve Your Golf Game

  • State of the art technology
  • Instant analysis of ball distance
  • Ball flight monitor
  • Video recording of your lesson
  • Practice drills to speed up your improvements
  • Professional ethos
  • Individual analysis and teaching
  • Access to practice facilities

Corporate Golfer Lesson Packages

We can build packages to suit your needs – but we have listed some of our most popular golf packages to enable you to see what other individuals in the same circumstances have chosen to let DB Golf Academy improve their golf game and let them enjoy their next corporate golf day.