Perfect time of year for golf lessons

For many the golf season has ended and the clubs will head to the shed or the garage until the Spring of next year. However there is no better time to be practising and having lessons than during the Winter months. Because what can often happen is that you have a lesson and then you head out on the course and you revert back to your old swing because you have not quite achieved muscle memory – but by practising only you will enjoy gaining muscle memory faster to see your swing develop quicker and the aim of a consistently great swing that you can rely on for EVERY shot.
So do come and have a conversation with us, our Central London golf teaching studios are perfect for making you the golfer that you can be. Let us take you swing and help you hit the first tee in the Spring with a winning game!
At our London Golf Academy, with our location right in the centre of the City it couldn’t be easier to get to us.  Our address at, 18 St. Swithin’s Lane, is less than a minute from Cannon Street Station, around 2 minutes from Bank Station, 5 minutes from the Bank of England and around 7 minutes from Leadenhall Market. So when we talk about Golf Academies in the Centre of the City, we don’t think there’s too many closer than us! For those of you who haven’t been down to see us yet, the combination of the front camera, rear camera, Gasp software and launch monitors, as well as over 50 years of coaching experience will really help to get your game to where you want to be.
The short game is the first part of your game to deteriorate over the winter months due to lack of practice.  Most people, when practising, concentrate on their long game, but only a small percentage of shots are long. Why not contact us to book your short game lesson today!