The golf ‘season’ is just around the corner… and now is the time to get your swing sorted at DB Golf Academy.

Our team of professionals are here from 9am to 8pm to help you get your golf swing sorted.
We can improve single figure handicap golfers as well as those at the higher end of the handicap scale.
If you are new to the game we have the teaching skills and the toolbox to get you on to the tee and around 18 holes of golf leaving your colleagues, not you, vying over the wooden spoon prize!
Take a look around our website and choose your level of golf to see how we go about improving your game. From a single lesson or swing evaluation to bespoke packages that include 18 holes of golf at The Addington Golf Club in Surrey – we have the ‘package’ to significantly improve your golf game.

Because, if you think about it (and we do – a lot!), when you go to a range you are practising the bad shots as well as the good shots, you are fighting the elements and playing with range balls.
At DB Golf Academy we show you what elements of your swing we want to improve and what we want to keep – ironing out the inconsistencies which sees the 6, 7 or worse appearing on your score card.

Now give DB Golf Academy a call on 020 7283 2011 or click on our website here to see how we can help you