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At DB Golf Academy we are very pleased to be working with a few partners that enable us to offer our customers preferred rates on one of the finest golf courses in the UK, let alone inside the M25 – The Addington.

We are also authorised fitting agents for Callaway Golf Clubs – we carry a range of heads and shafts and can custom fit your clubs to your swing speed. See below for more information.

And finally we stock the amazing range of Heaven Golf shoes, these fantastic shoes really do make you walk tall and reduces fatigue.

If you are a supplier who thinks that you have a product that would be of interest to our customers please use the Contact Us to get in touch.

Pure Performance Coaching at DB Golf Academy

Addington Golf Club

Located only 13 miles from the centre of London The Addington Golf Club is a world class golf course just waiting to be discovered. Designed in 1912 by John Frederick Abercromby (Aber) who was accredited as being ‘one of the finest architects in all of golf’, The Addington is a masterpiece of inland golf.

If you have never visited The Addington you wouldn’t believe you were so close to the centre of London. The fairways wander through mature pine and birch trees that create a real feeling of intimacy, yet the course still affords expansive views of the metropolis from hilltop tees like that at the 14th. Crystal Palace’s towering mast looms in the foreground, while The Shard, Canary Wharf and the incongruous Swiss Re building (otherwise known as ‘The Gherkin’) provide a marvellous contrast to the rich woodland.

Ranked in Golf World’s Top 100 Courses in Great Britain and Ireland The Addington is a hidden gem just waiting to be played.

Callaway Club Fitting

Custom Fitting is one of the most important aspects of improving your golf. By working with you, our experienced team of Custom Fit Specialists are dedicated to finding you the right head model and then optimise it for loft, lie, shaft and grip, to get every inch out of your game.

By matching the best equipment to your current swing, we can help deliver greater accuracy, increased distance and improved ball flight, all with the aim of lowering your scores and enhancing your enjoyment of the game.

You’ll leave the fitting feeling confident with equipment that’s totally customised to you, for you.

Pure Performance Coaching

We are very pleased to have partnered with Grant Carroll of Pure Performance Coaching to help you get your overall fitness game ready. Grant is one of the very few Titleist certified Golf Fitness Instructor in London and brings the golf fitness teaching skills of the ‘boffins’ at Titleist coupled with the academic skills which Grant has in spades.

My TPI is Titleist’s dedicated website which highlights the process you will enjoy working with Grant at the fantastic Nuffield fitness centre. His aim is to make you fit for golf. Not just the physical exertion of walking around five miles but the importance of stretching and being able to turn and twist in the right direction to exploit the very best out of your swing – of course we can’t guarantee it will reduce your scorecard but we will guarantee that the lessons will be easier, your swing better and the 18 holes of golf a great deal less tiring.

Now if that doesn’t reduce your scorecard we are not sure what will!

Grant is an advanced level 3 personal trainer and sports coach with over 13 years experience. He is a Level 2 Titleist Performance Institute Fitness Instructor and has an excellent understanding of the importance of the body/swing relationship. Using his expert knowledge of biomechanics and golf swing he can provide a fitness solution for your golf game. Grant draws on a wealth of knowledge and experience as a rotational sport specialist, along with TPI golf screenings for flexibility, mobility, strength and power he can highlight the physical limitations impacting your swing and can prescribe relevant exercises, stretches and training programs to take your golf game to the next level.

Grant is primarily based out of the city near Cannon Street Station at Nuffield Health City, an 84k sq ft gym facility with access to a full range of modern and traditional training equipment including TRX, Kettlebells, free weights, cables, Swiss ball and Gray Cook bands.

If you want to get your golf game on track then please contact Grant at Pure Performance Coaching.

Grant Carroll
Tel: 07932 057217

Pure Performance Coaching at DB Golf Academy
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